FortiAnalyzer Integrated with Fortinet Security Fabric: Proactive Cybercrime Protection and Enhanced Security Operations

Cybersecurity teams worldwide are struggling with the growing sophistication and volume of cybercriminal attacks. FortiAnalyzer is a powerful log management, analytics, and reporting platform that provides organizations with a single console to manage, automate, orchestrate, and respond, enabling simplified security operations, proactive identification and remediation of risks, and complete visibility of the entire attack landscape. Integrated with the Fortinet Security Fabric, advanced threat detection capabilities, centralized security analytics, end-to-end security posture awareness and control, helps security teams identify and mitigate threats before a breach can occur. 

Features and Benefits

  • END-TO-END VISIBILITY: Reduce time to detection by leveraging the FortiGuard IOC service to quickly identify threats
  • REDUCED MTTI: Identify network anomalies in real time by correlating threat data and sharing threat intelligence
  • ENTERPRISE-GRADE HIGH AVAILABILITY: Automatically back up the FortiAnalyzer database for disaster recovery
  • SECURITY AUTOMATION: Reduce complexity & cost with automation-enabled REST APIs, scripts, connectors, automation stitches
  • OPEN PLATFORM APPROACH: Integrates the Fortinet portfolio and third-party solutions via robust APIs
  • ADVANCED COMPLIANCE REPORTING: Provides hundreds of pre-built regulation-specific reports & templates to make proving compliance easy

FortiAnalyzer Use Cases

  • FASTER THREAT DETECTION: FortiGuard’s Indicators of Compromise (IOC) subscription quickly identifies threats across your network, helping reduce time to detection.
  • CONSOLIDATED VISIBILITY & OPERATIONS: Analytics provide real-time visibility across all the telemetry for the Security Fabric and enable visibility natively with Fortiview.
  • PROTECTION WITH TI & RULES: FortiAnalyzer integrates with FortiGuard Labs to share real-time info on emerging threats and vulnerabilities gathered from multiple sources.
  • SOCAAS FOR STAFF AUGMENTATION: Outsourced SOC services will proactively monitor, manage, and strengthen your Security Fabric posture around the clock.

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Written By : Marketing Communication ICT | Published : 24/May/2023 

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