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ICT Podcast: Digital Transformation with Cloud Adoption

Yuk, simak ICTech Podcast episode 01 yang membahas mengenai adopsi teknologi cloud bersama dengan Mas Eri, Mas Labib, dan Mas Ardi selaku tim Cloud Engineer, PT InfraCom Technology.

New Era of Low Code Development with Mendix 10

Why Mendix? The Mendix Platform is designed to accelerate enterprise app delivery across your entire application from portfolio lifecycle to development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and operations.

Happy 16th Anniversary ICT

Wishing you many years of success and innovation. Happy 16th anniversary, ICT!

ICT Solution Day 2022

ICT Solution Day 2022 focuses on the theme "Modernizing and Securing Digital Platform to Prepare for Indonesia Industry 4.0," recognizing technologies nowadays provide opportunities for financial services to expand beyond the imaginable.

Core Value 'BISA'

BISA are the core values ​​that serve as the foundation for Infracom Technology to achieve its vision and mission.

Indonesia Jaya (Harvey Malaiholo) - Cover by ICT Team "ICT Bernyanyi"

Persembahan kami untuk Indonesia. Semangat, Bersatu, dan Jaya lah terus Indonesia.

3Dolphins Sales SRM Overview

Win customers from their one-click purchase on windows shopping online or through the newest drop app than an offline store. All businesses moving toward full comfort with e-commerce, and this is our challenge to more explore the retails industry.

As an integrated group, our strategies are designed
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