Transform Your App Development Journey with The Mendix Low-Code Platform!
  • By 2025, 70% of apps will be built using no-code/low-code technology - Gartner 
  • Organizations with Citizen developers score 33% higher on innovation measures - McKinsey & Company

Mendix Low-Code is a user-friendly, model-driven platform that replaces traditional coding. It empowers individuals of all skill levels, from experts to business stakeholders, to create valuable enterprise applications using a drag-and-drop interface."
Build apps faster than ever with Mendix 10's refreshed single IDE, impactful productivity updates, and industry- first Al capabilities.

Low-code features and benefits: 

  1. Visual modeling
    • Utilize existing talent to build and deliver apps faster
    • Develop a variety of solutions without incurring heavy costs
  2. Collaboration tools
    • Breakdown silos to foster a stronger business-IT partnership
    • Promote better organizational communication
  3. Reusable components
    • Fast-track development with greater efficiency 
    • Rely on reusable elements that are pre-tested for performance and security
  4. Scalable environments
    • Build maintainable solutions that are easy to scale on cloud-native architecture 
    • Deliver continuous improvements to end-users with engaging web, mobile, conversational, or immersive experiences
  5. Data integration
    • Reclaim more than 30% of your developers' time 
    • Build and manage systems at a larger scale
  6. Application lifecycle management
    • Seamlessly move apps through each lifecycle phase: Ideation, development, testing, deployment, and

Mendix stands at the forefront of low-code app development, empowering thousands of organizations worldwide to transform their app development process using our platform's cutting-edge features. 🌎✨

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Written By : Marketing Communication ICT | Published : 25/AUG/2023

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