The Power of a Modern Distributed Database (YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu)

YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu complements each other and helps organizations adopt a modern approach to building, running, and managing their modern workloads. 

As companies around the world and across industries engage in app modernization initiatives, their developers find it increasingly difficult to match those efforts with a strong data layer. Developers today continue to work with costly monolithic databases like Oracle or DB2 and NoSQL databases that forgo strong data consistency and important relational features. It's clear that a new database architecture is required to match the ambition of app modernization efforts. 

Modern distributed SQL databases paired with the right platform for building and running cloud-native services provides the perfect answer. As the first distributed SQL database included in the VMware Marketplace in 2020, YugabyteDB delivers an enterprise-ready, transactional database with the native resilience and scalability needed for modern applications. The modern database is 100 percent open source and built for running mission-critical transactional applications in any cloud - private, public, and hybrid. Users have their choice of using a simple, fully managed database as a service (DBaaS ) in their cloud of choice with YugabyteDB Managed, or deploying a self-managed DBaaS on any hybrid, public, or private cloud with YugabyteDB Anywhere. 

VMware Tanzu enables customers' software supply chain to be more secure - all the way from app development to having their apps running in production. Moreover, the portfolio offers a cohesive developer experience across any Kubernetes to speed application development and delivery cycles. Together. YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu portfolios assist organizations to adopt a modern approach to building, running, and managing their modern workloads.

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