YugabyteDB: The open source distributed SQL database for cloud native transactional applications

YugabyteDB uniquely combines enterprise-grade relational database capabilities with horizontal scalability and cloud native resilience, resulting in the most powerful open source distributed SQL database. In other words, YugabyteDB is PostgreSQL rearchitected for a cloud native world.

The Advantages of Adopting YugabyteDB:

  • Horizontal Scalability: Rapidly scale out and in to easily respond to changing business demands.
  • High Availability: Survive node, zone, region and data center failures with resilient data.
  • Geo-Distribution: Distribute data globally with consistent, ACID transactions.
  • Dynamic Workloads: Support workloads of all sizes and types on a single, unified database.
  • PostgreSQL Compatibility: Enjoy the most PostgreSQL compatible distributed SQL database on the planet.
  • Multi-Cloud: Span public, private and hybrid clouds to avoid lock-in and enjoy cloud freedom.
  • Open Source: Enjoy the security and transparency from 100% open source database.
  • Native Security: Protect data with a database designed with security as a top priority.

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