How Al and HPC Are Being Used in The Financial Services Industry

How Al and HPC are being used in the financial services industry

The following is just a small sample of how financial services companies can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC).

  • Risk assessment
    Evaluate and test millions of hypotheticals
    HPC enables faster risk recalculations in response to changing market conditions. Al can simulate huge numbers of parallel market scenarios over large portfolios to better predict changing market conditions for better, faster response.
  • Trading
    Supercharge high-frequency and algorithmic trading
    HPC provides the power to execute trades faster. Al can be used to identify patterns and trends in data - including sentiment analysis, drug approvals, election outcomes and weather forecasts.


How Al and HPC are being used in the financial services industry:

  • Pricing
    Set optimal pricing for a variety of financial products 
    HPC enables modeling thousands of scenarios to calibrate pricing to market conditions in real time. Al can be used to predict and prepare for market moves and respond almost instantaneously. It can also be used to evaluate and price risk on an individual basis, instead of using tranches.
  • Fraud Protection
    Detect and prevent fraud using sophisticated analytics 
    Al can be used to detect suspicious behavior and anomalies in real time. For credit card companies, more accurate fraud identification allows legitimate charges to go through while flagging fraudulent transactions. For insurance providers, Al can sift through patterns in the data to identify suspicious claims.

Simplifying the Complex
Dell Technologies has invested to create a portfolio of Validated Designs to speed time to results with the confidence of engineering validation, enabling business without boundaries.

The Benefits:

    • Systems are tailored to speed deployment, help eliminate potential software and hardware issues, and optimize performance.
    • Flexible, industry standard building blocks of compute, networking and storage are tested and tuned with your Al and HPC applications by Dell Technologies engineering teams.
    • A flexible building block approach easily scales over time. 
    • Scale by adding resources such as memory or hard drives inside Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.
    • Dell Technologies engineers and industry experts work in collaboration if/ as needed to design, deploy and scale Al and HPC solutions for specific applications. This saves time and reduces the risk of potential hardware and

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Written By : Marketing Communication ICT | Published : 1/AUG/2023

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