7 things we learned at Cisco Live 2022

Hitachi and Cisco both offer individuals and teams hundreds of learning paths that can help you get the most of your tech investments.

TAKEAWAY 1: Size isn’t the problem, complexity is.

The challenges around data volume are still looming large for enterprises. This year we saw concern shift to include complexity, especially when it hampers data center performance. The word ‘single’ resonated strongly at Cisco Live, as we discussed the simplicity of Cisco and Hitachi solutions: single-pane of-glass management, single interface, single point of contact, single Service Level Agreement.

We believe there’s no such thing as too much data, just too little data management. No such thing as too much tech, just too much high-maintenance fragmented tech that drains time and money from your IT teams. Or, not enough smart tech with in-built automation that reduces admin, boosts accessibility and cuts storage costs. So the terabytes aren’t going anywhere. But addressing the complexity issue across the data center will free IT resources, and free businesses to grow.

TAKEAWAY 2: We’re in the Age of Alliances.

We saw renewed appreciation this year for tight-knit strategic alliances in enterprise tech – ones that come together to tackle customer problems. CIOs and CTOs told us they see deep-set alliances like the one between Cisco and Hitachi as crucial in the face of their triple challenge:

• The need for innovation to stay agile, manage change, fend off competition and drive growth. 

• The need for efficiency and integration across hybrid cloud and a sprawling global IT footprint. 

• The need to get it right first time by choosing safe hands and specialist players in their field

TAKEAWAY 3: It’s not about shiny new toys. 

Industry events have always been an opportunity to see what’s new of course. But none of the enterprise tech leaders we spoke to at Cisco Live were shopping for new toys or point solutions. They were focused on knitting innovation into the heart of business to win a bigger prize and a longer game: data-driven digital transformation.

TAKEAWAY 4: There is zero room for compromise.

As enterprises work harder than ever to earn and keep trust among their customers, they’re also seeking it in the partners they choose. Transformation has always been an exercise in risk-minimization but more than ever this year, we’re glad to see IT leaders demanding clarity and certainty from their tech providers:

• A clear return on the resources they’re putting into digital transformation. 

• Complete peace of mind around data center performance and availability. 

• Cybersecurity built into the heart of infrastructure, not tagged on at the end.

TAKEAWAY 5: Agility starts at the data center. 

We saw the frustration around this from IT leaders tasked with delivering agility to the enterprise, but not empowered to achieve it for their own departments. Enterprise agility doesn’t just start at the data center; it depends entirely on the data center. There are two baseline ingredients for agility:

 • A data management platform that handles a wide range of data types so enterprise IT can easily scale performance, capacity, and responsiveness. 

• Networking solutions that create rapid access to data and applications wherever the enterprise needs them, without sacrificing security.

TAKEAWAY 6: Digital transformation isn’t seen as rocket science.

The IT leaders we spoke to were looking for step change in data center performance without the need for rip-and-replace. A way around tightening budgets and spiralling costs. Partners with an innovation mindset as well as the sheer muscle for transformation. 

It’s no surprise that many of the largest financial services, healthcare, and communications companies in the world rely on Cisco and HItachi as trusted partners with a global presence

TAKEAWAY 7: The tech skills gap is real.

Our recommendations around this at Cisco Live included: 

1. Improve employee experience: If your competitors are fighting to attract the same candidates from a depleted talent pool, invest in your candidate and employee experience. Again, data center performance is a crucial component in the shift towards secure, flexible, remote and hybrid work environments. 

2. Grow skills with partners: Lean on the expertise in your partner ecosystem to stay on top of certifications and digital badging – for all your mission-critical solutions. Hitachi and Cisco both offer individuals and teams hundreds of learning paths that can help you get the most of your tech investments.

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