IBM Robotic Process Automation

IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that encompasses the use of smart robots in any process requiring efficiency, consistency and speed, with no risk of mistakes. In a nutshell, RPA simulates a human user working.

Today, it is possible to automate processes through the use of digital robots, or bots, which execute pre-programed, repetitive tasks in a safe and mistake free manner. There are literally thousands of opportunities for Robotic Process Automation to make an impact on your organization today, including: automatic invoice emission, system integration, information reconciliation, report generation, intelligent email management to lead generation, and many others.

To help clients get started quickly and scale as the demands of their business grow, IBM RPA offers simple licensing and deployment options. Check out external case studies to learn how customers use IBM RPA to increase productivity, automate repetitive tasks, reduce back-office operations and enable their staff to focus on other important projects. IBM RPA automates tasks by mimicking the steps a person takes when performing activities on their computer. For example, a software bot can gather data from multiple systems, collate the data in a spreadsheet, perform calculations and submit the results into another system using application-user interfaces. These bots can also integrate with systems using traditional techniques like SQL to query a database or JSON/HTTP to call a REST service. From reading and creating documents to processing files, our AI-driven IBM RPA software offers more than 650 commands for building attended, unattended and chatbot solutions.

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