Protect and Recover Databases from Ransomware Attacks with Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Enterprises need to protect vital data for their critical business applications in real time without the downtime or data loss often experienced when using traditional approaches. The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance meets this demand with a simple, yet powerful solution that easily scales to protect databases enterprise-wide and meet ever-stringent recovery point objectives. (Laura Dubois, Program Vice President, Storage Practice, IDC)


Today’s Database Protection Problems

  • Backup & recovery methods that are based on a decades-old nightly backup paradigm, where up to a day’s worth of data can be lost on every restore
  • High backup overhead on production servers and networks by processing all database data during backups, whether it has changed or not
  • Ever-increasing backup windows due to non-stop data growth
  • Backup appliances that cannot scale to protect the hundreds to thousands of databases in the data center
  • Poor visibility and control of the full data protection lifecycle, from disk to cloud to replication or to tape


Introducing Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is an engineered system designed specifically for Oracle database protection. It eliminates data loss and dramatically reduces data protection overhead on production servers. In addition, the Recovery Appliance continually validates the integrity and recoverability of the data, scales to protect thousands of databases, and protects backups across the full lifecycle, including disk backup, cloud/tape archiving, and remote replication.


Key Benefits:

  1. Eliminates Data Loss
  2. Protects Data from Disasters
  3. Eliminates Production Impact
  4. Offloads Archival
  5. Enables Restore to Any Point-in-Time
  6. Delivers Cloud-Scale Protection
  7. Fault-Tolerance against Ransomware

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Written By : Marketing Communication ICT | Published : 17/May/2023 

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