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AWS Customer Success Story: PT Dinifi Teknologi Achieves Agility and Efficiency in the Cloud



We are an IT solution integrator, application & system consultancy company. Since 2012, PT DIFINI TEKNOLOGI (DIFINITE) continuously provide Security Solution, Middleware Implementation, Customize Mobile Application for our clients that revolutionize their business practices. DIFINITE strive to help organizations to use technology to improve the business process and productivity. 

The Challenges

PT Dinifi Teknologi, a leading Indonesian company, was encountering limitations with its on-premises infrastructure that hindered their ability to achieve their business goals. Here's a closer look at the specific challenges they faced:

  • Legacy Learning Management System (LMS): PT Dinifi Teknologi's current LMS, hosted on-premises, lacked the agility and manageability needed to support their evolving learning and development needs.
  • Limited Low-Code Development Platform Scalability: Their existing on-premises low-code development platform restricted their ability to scale development efforts efficiently.
  • Fragmented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System: Their current ERP system resided on a different cloud provider, creating management complexities and hindering performance.

ICT Proposed Solutions

To address these challenges and achieve greater agility, scalability, and manageability, PT Dinifi Teknologi decided to migrate their IT infrastructure to AWS.

Here's how AWS solutions empowered PT Dinifi Teknologi:

  • Modernized Learning Management System: By migrating their LMS to AWS, PT Dinifi Teknologi gained the agility to adapt and manage their learning programs more effectively.
  • Highly Scalable Low-Code Development Platform: Leveraging AWS's cloud capabilities, PT Dinifi Teknologi established a highly scalable low-code development platform, enabling them to streamline application development.
  • Consolidated and Optimized ERP System: Migrating their ERP system to AWS allowed PT Dinifi Teknologi to consolidate their IT infrastructure and optimize performance for a more efficient operation.

Results and Benefits

Since adopting AWS solutions, PT Dinifi Teknologi has achieved significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Agility: Their modernized LMS and scalable development platform on AWS empower them to adapt and innovate more quickly.
  • Improved Scalability: AWS's elastic cloud infrastructure allows PT Dinifi Teknologi to scale their IT resources seamlessly to accommodate growth.
  • Optimized Management: By consolidating their infrastructure on AWS, PT Dinifi Teknologi benefits from simplified management and streamlined operations.
  • Increased Performance: Migrating their ERP system to AWS has resulted in improved performance, leading to greater efficiency.

PT Dinifi Teknologi's success story exemplifies the transformative power of AWS cloud solutions. By embracing AWS, they've achieved greater agility, scalability, manageability, and performance, empowering them to focus on their core business objectives and achieve sustainable growth.


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Written By : Marketing Communication ICT | Published : 18/MAR/2024

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